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NEW- the ICE Summer Program !

As substitute for international experiences or addition to our student summer travels a NEW ICE Summer Program 2020 has been introduced.

Participants (Who)

Medical and dental students and premedical students from our 14 international partner universities

Goal (What/Why)

Deepening intercultural competency and leadership in junior students, learning about research on current world health events (i.e.COVID-19 pandemic related research) and other basic sciences as substitute for an international summer exchange internship.

Time (When)

Summer break June 15- August 18, 2020, on weekday nights and weekend mornings

Location (Where)

Online platform from home, using “Zoom”

Format (How)

All meetings are held online from home

  • Weekly small group discussions (1 hour)

  • 3-4 large group discussions (1 hour)

  • Expert faculty research speaker series (1 hour)

If you are interested please sign up here.

Once you sign up you commit to participation of the full program. Students who have not participated in part 1 and part 2 of the ICE program are welcome to join but need to indicate on the registration form that they are new to the program.

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