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Continuation of the Program

Many past participants are interested in a continuation of the program. While some students return back to their research labs in the following years we are working on a second phase of small group work. 

Details can be found here shortly. If you want to find out details now please contact us.

If you do return to your lab please let us know. 

Likewise do let us know if you visit your peers outside of the program!

Also, we do expect students to help with the next year's student activities (i.e. serve as buddy for an incoming student, join the walking tour or tour of the campus)

International clinical electives

Unfortunately, Columbia University does not accept international students' applications for clinical electives. Please see details here

We do, however, try to help with electives at our partner schools. Please contact the program if you are interested in an abroad clinical elective.

Please join our LinkedIn group to stay connected to the International Collaboration and Exchange alumni!

Clinical Extension Program
- coming up soon!-

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