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Message from the Director

Dear Students,


Thank you for your interest in the International Collaboration and Exchange Program. 


At a time of global interconnectedness, particular in light of recent global health events, skills in international collaboration and intercultural competency have been shown to play an important role for the future and sustainability of our global healthcare world.  


Intercultural skills and knowledge about differences in international healthcare systems, healthcare education, healthcare economics, health law, health ethics, and awareness of international public health challenges and global health problems, as well as international research experiences and collaboration, are areas that are important in preparing future global healthcare leaders.


Our program aims to bring awareness and initiate reflection and student group-work around these topics, while providing a solid foundation for international collaboration and building a global network of like-minded future professionals. 


Our partner schools and students are carefully selected based on the goals and visions we share. We hope that our efforts will result in long-term collegiality and friendships beyond the duration of this program - thus improving our global healthcare world on many different levels. 


Students and faculty created this program for you and hope that you will enjoy the interaction with your peers.


Wishing you successful and productive networking,



And greetings from New York City!

Anette Wu (Fortgang), MD, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor 

Director of the ICE Program

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