McGill University 

Situated in the heart of downtown Montreal, one of Canada’s most dynamic cities, McGill University is home to students from all around the world, pursuing excellence in a multitude of disciplines. Boasting a student population of over 40,000, McGill offers over 200 clubs, including their very own Quidditch club! With the prominent Mount Royal located in the backyard of McGill, going on a hike and cross-country skiing around the mountain in the winter are favourite pastimes for students taking a break from studying. 


Nicknamed the most European city in North America, one can equally hear French or English, and sometimes a mix of both, while walking through the streets of Montreal. From summer patios, to the cobblestone streets of the old port, to the vibrant café scene and nightlife, Montreal has something for everyone!

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International Collaboration and Exchange Program

A program directed by: Dr. Anette Wu

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