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Past Traveling Students

This program is networking program and as such we encourage all participants to remain in contact with your new colleagues and friends. 

Below are the names of recent traveling students.  

Please note that many more students participated in the small group sessions but did not travel.They are still part of the network; please contact the program to get connected to them. 


    Group participants only - no travels


    Group participants only - no travels


    Group participants only - no travels

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    Zoe Vogel                          Martin Luther University  -  Columbia University
    Alexandra Matschiner     Martin Luther University  -  Columbia University
    Brandon Mogrovejo         Columbia University -   Kyoto University
    Shaheen Malik                 Columbia University  -  Martin Luther University

    Max Pensack                    Columbia University -   Kyoto University

    Elisabeth Ottlik       Martin Luther University   - Columbia University
    Sophia Hofmann    Martin Luther University   - Columbia University
    Neha Kinariwally    Columbia University          - Geneva/WHO
    Alexandria Irace     Columbia University          - University of Helsinki
    Samuel Kang          Columbia University          - University of Helsinki
    Aaron Berger          Columbia University          - Martin Luther University
    Kriti Sood                Columbia University          - Martin Luther University
    Claudia Perez         Columbia University           - McGill University
    Austin Chen            Columbia University           - National Taiwan University
    Ross G. Blum          Columbia University           - National Taiwan University
    Brendan Sullivan   Columbia University           - Kyoto University
    Kenza El Rahmouni    McGill University            - Kyoto University
    Pooja Jairam           Columbia University          - Martin Luther University
    Kotarou Harune      Kyoto University                 - Columbia University

    Tim Hsiao                National Taiwan University -Columbia University

    Brenda Lin              National Taiwan University -Columbia University

    Joonathan Patamo University of Helsinki          -Columbia University

    Leena Vuorenlehto University of Helsinki          -Columbia University

    Ellamaja Kasanen  University of Helsinki          - Columbia University

    Tommi Kervinen     University of Helsinki          - Columbia University


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Tim Hsiao                         National Taiwan University  - Columbia University   

Karlo Jagic                     King's College            -  Columbia University    
Inga Maria Launonen    Univeristy of Helsinki  -  Columbia University    
JingwenZhang               King's College             -  Columbia University    
Emilia Esilae                   University of Helsinki   - Columbia University    
Jasmine Singh                King's College             - Columbia University    
Minna Jaskari                 University of Helsinki   - Columbia University    
Merimaija Kasanen        University of Helsinki   - Columbia University    
Carl Rodgers                  King's College              - McGill University    
Anna Ilvesmaeki             University of Helsinki    - Columbia University    
Elina Paakonen              University of Helsinki     - Columbia University    
Heini Vartianen              University of Helsinki      - Columbia University    
Nicolas Sjoberg             University of Helsinki      - Columbia University    
Johanna Weselius         University of Helsinki       - Columbia University    
Amna Ali.                       King's College                  - Martin Luther University    
Hannah McMullen        Columbia University         - King'sCollege    
Ian Beamish                   McGill University              - National Taiwan University    
Abeer ElTamtamy         Columbia University         - Medical University of Vienna    
Charles Holt                  Columbia University    Seoul National University    
Monica Kieff                  Columbia University    University of Copenhagen    
Zhenrui Liao                  Columbia University    Ludwig Maximilians University     
Andrew Ling.                Columbia University    National Taiwan University    
Julie Chang                  Columbia University    Martin Luther University    
Frankie Caruana           Columbia University    Ludwig Maximilians University     
Mike Xiong                   Columbia University    Kyoto University    
Angela Chang              Columbia University    National Taiwan University    
Wendy Tong                 Columbia University    Tokyo Women's Medical University    
Ramin La Garde           Medical Universiyt of Vienna    King'sCollege    
Rahul Goel                   King's College    McGill University    
Carlos Galves               Columbia University    Martin Luther University    
Mae Grewal                  Columbia University    Ludwig Maximilians University     
Carol Liu                       Columbia University    Medical University of Vienna    
Elisa Carbonell             Columbia University    Martin Luther University    
Sebastian Celis            Columbia University    Medical University of Vienna    
Yu Ting Ting                 National Taiwan University    Kyoto University    
Gary Chen                    National Taiwan University    Columbia University    
Joe Liu                          National Taiwan University    Columbia University    
Sam Hwang                  National Taiwan University    Columbia University    
Joseph Koo                  National Taiwan University    Columbia University    
Yi harn Chen                National Taiwan University    Columbia University    
Chang-Zhang Chai     National Taiwan University    Columbia University    
Amar Jain                    Columbia University    University of Sydney    
Rachael Long              Columbia University    University of Sydney    
Aaron Chiu                  Columbia University    Kyoto University    
Kisara Tada                  Tokyo Women's Medical University    Columbia University    
Wakako Kuriyama       Tokyo Women's Medical University    Columbia University    
Miki Soma                    Tokyo Women's Medical University    Columbia University    
Mariko Nishihara         Tokyo Women's Medical University    Columbia University    
Rachael Long               Columbia University    University of Sydney    
Sara Ksiasek                 Medical University of Vienna    Columbia University    
Matthias Lembacher    Medical University of Vienna    Columbia University    
Lea Maria Brandstetter    Medical University of Vienna    Columbia University    
Greta Kern                     Medical University of Vienna    Columbia University    
Juliana Simockova       Medical University of Vienna    Columbia University    
Markus Winkler            Ludwig Maximilians University    Columbia University    
Stefan Kotschi              Ludwig Maximilians University    Columbia University    
Hanna  Jonas               Martin Luther University    Columbia University    
Richard Graeve             Martin Luther University    Columbia University    
Johannes Reifenrath    Ludwig Maximilians University    McGill University    
Luna Slemann               Ludwig Maximilians University    Columbia University    
Hokuto Higuchi            Kyoto University    Columbia University    
Benedicte Lauritzen    University of Copenhagen    Columbia University    
Jasmin Jubeh              Martin Luther University    Columbia University    
Fatema Mohammed Ali    University of Sydney    King'sCollege    
Dominic Esterman     University of Sydney    Columbia University     
Thomas Shaker          University of Sydney    Kyoto University    
Rebekka Kuehn          Medical University of Vienna    Columbia/McGill    
Yvonne Eiselt              Martin Luther University    Columbia University    
Chloe Autore              University of Sydney    Columbia/McGill/Halle    
Ann Chen Yu               University of Sydney    Columbia University  

Lucy Yeung                  University of Sydney     National Taiwan University

Danny Zhang               University of Sydney     National Taiwan University
Lara Breyer                  Martin Luther University    Columbia University    
Sara-Luisa Reh            Ludwig Maximilians University    McGill University    
Daniela Koch              Ludwig Maximilians University     Sydney/Kyoto/New York    
Alexandra Matschiner    Martin Luther University    Columbia University    
Patricia Trost               Medical University of Vienna    Columbia University    

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