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Tokyo Women's Medical University

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Greetings from Tokyo! 

Tokyo Women's Medical University (TWMU) is a medical university with modern and sophisticated educational, clinical and research foundations for over one hundred years. Traditionally all of our undergraduate schools, Schools of Medicine and Nursing are devoted to develop women's professions. Our graduate schools, faculties, and hospitals are open to both genders. The uniqueness of TWMU derives from the founder's strong volition to establish women's professions. Her conviction, "sincerity and compassion", enlightens is our commitment to medical services and care provided to our clients. Our medical school curriculum applies a unique learning program based on a learner-centered education and the 6-year curriculum articulates our commitment to excellence. The medical school was awarded the "Good Practice in the Higher Education" in 2003. The Nursing School provides 4-year curriculum to develop professional carrier of Nurse and School Nurse. Ten clinical institutes provide a wide range of medicine including community-based medicine and highly specialized medicine. All clinical sites are practicing patient-centered medicine, which is an expression of the founder's belief. Together, TWMU is academia committed to better healthcare to society. The commitment has been unchanged since its foundation, while the achievement has been build up for the future of medicine.

Tokyo Women’s Medical University is the only women’s medical university in Japan, founded in 1900. Dr. Yayoi Yoshioka is our founder and our school motto is her sprit, "sincerity and compassion." Our university is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Shinjuku is well known as a city that doesn’t sleep! We are an animated city and a gathering point for people and culture. You can enjoy traditional culture and cutting-edge technology at many spots like VR museum in Shinjuku. You can also visit Shibuya, Harajuku or Asakusa easily!

We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our city and our school!

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