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Martin Luther University


Welcome to Halle, a city with aprox. 200.000 inhabitants. Halle is not far away Berlin, the capital of Germany located in the Eastern part of Germany. Halle is a very nice town with an old and beautiful city center and home for about 20.000 students, who study at our university: "Martin Luther Universität Halle“. As students, we appreciate having many opportunities to enjoy our time with friends in one of the many cafes, parks, or areas close to the river "Saale“ which can also be visited by boat. In contrast to other German cities, the rent in Halle is pretty cheap, which allows you to spend your budget on other nice things like going to the theater or experiencing our culture, which we also have a lot here!

Everything is very close by, it won't take you a lot of time to go places or to reach the university, which is very close to the city center and surrounded by restaurants, bars, and shops. 

So, we can definitely recommend you to come and visit us here in Halle. We'll show you around and to make you have a great time at our university.

Check out our video here:

See you soon! :)

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